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The Evolution of Call Centers: Navigating the Challenging Landscape for Businesses

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Bruce Silverman. Meet a Man of Greatness. 

An author, businessman, traveler, and a high-spirited wanderer at heart… Bruce Silverman found himself loving and staying in the land of the Pearl of the Orient after decades of aimless exploring. Raised and grew up in a Jewish suburb of Baltimore, Maryland, and later spending his time traveling, it was not until 1982 that he chose to travel to the Philippines for an entrepreneurial quest. After a decade, the first call center in the Philippines was established in 1992, and the House of Representatives decided to pass the Special Economic Zone Act in 1995. 

The Philippines became the home of Bruce Silverman after he unlocked a treasure chest worth more than the so-called American dream. While the country has benefited from different US-based outsourcing industries and has opened job opportunities for thousands of unemployed Filipinos, Bruce Silverman established Technodream in 2008. Since then, Israeli companies with US-based offices have been outsourcing to Technodream.

Bruce Silverman discovered abundant treasure and untapped resources in the Philippines. That means working and forming a bond with Filipinos, who are highly proficient workers. And in that, with the acquisition of these people whom he cherished, he opened the biggest opportunity for Israeli businesses with US offices to outsource in the Philippines, specifically at Technodream.

Technodream has helped major Israeli companies cut their overall costs because Technodream:

  • Is a melting pot and an abundant source of various untapped talents, from customer service to telemarketing and more!
  • Has proficient workers who are highly experienced and experts in their fields, therefore, are great providers of world-class services,
  • Has a large workforce of flexible English speakers who are undeniably more fluent in the language in comparison with other outsourcing countries and companies,
  • Is cost-effective in minimizing management, expansion, equipment, and overall costs,
  • The passion and dedication of Technodream sprung from Bruce Silverman’s mission to intertwine different cultures in weaving not only his dream but everyone’s as well. 

Overall, Bruce Silverman’s journey to the Pacific and finding his true pearl in the Orient Seas opened a greater way for businesses with US offices to navigate and outsource to Technodream. With no further delay, reach us by calling 702-983-8828 or 702-359-3320. Or email us at

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