Technodream: “As chosen by Consumer News TV as The Best of the Nation” – How Technodream Outsourcing Builds a Personal and Professional Relationship with Its Clients

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Did you know that Technodream is in Consumer News TV’s spotlight? That’s right! Gary of CNTV, which is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has featured Jill and Allan of Technodream addressing the core exceptional strategies for effective and successful outsourcing and how this became a secret leverage for business growth and success. And this has made ‘Technodream a high-tech company but also high-touch!’ Because behind the success of our client’s businesses are not only our world-class services but also our established personal and professional relationships.

Unveiled in the world of the outsourcing industry are the unique methods and mechanisms through which we, at Technodream, build our professional and personal partnerships with our clients in the U.S. and in other countries. Take a peek into the reasons why our clients have continuously entrusted their business goals to us for more than a decade now!

The Importance of Building Trust

They say that choosing an outsourcing partner is like choosing a marriage partner for life, and the ‘chemistry’ should not be short-lived but a long-term one! That is why Technodream builds a foundation of trust that leads to the target objectives and success of the partnership and our client’s business. Therefore, there is a readiness to collaborate and share ideas to synchronize decisions that are relevant to long-term business partnerships. 

Consistent and Open Communication

Communication is the key, so they say, and it is a two-way street. It establishes trust and promotes good, healthy, and lasting relationships. For our clients who are outsourcing in the Philippines for the first time, specifically in Technodream, communicating with them constantly is vital. Therefore, Technodream prioritizes consistent and open communication.

We contact our clients on a regular basis. For 100% transparency, we provide virtual meetings and records and videos of meetings taken for the launch of the project. 

Cooperation and Flexibility

With trust established, there is an improvement in the relationship. Just like any loyal confidante does, Technodream remains cooperative and supportive. We consult with our partners on their big decisions. Flexibility is one of the most desired and loved traits of Technodream whenever there are necessary changes in the long run.

Levels of training that require the presence of our clients strengthen the relationship more, as this becomes an opportunity for both of us to deeply know and understand one another, especially the goals, mission, and vision of their businesses.

Collaboration Turns into a Fun Time

At times, our communication and collaboration turn into fun times. We enjoy and divulge ourselves, from talks about anything related to the business’ mission, vision, and goals to personal things such as their families, cultures, and hobbies.

When our clients visit and stay for a week or two during the training of our customer service representatives, technical support, and VAs, we get to know them more personally. And this breaks any cultural differences and barriers, often leads to fun times, and deepens our partnership more. 

Long-lasting Relationship

There is complete trust and understanding that have long eliminated uncertainties and led to more fruitful results and, above all, a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Growth and development are now evident not only in all aspects of our client’s businesses but also in our relationships. 


Establishing trust and understanding our clients are ingredients for improving or innovating our ways to provide the best services we can offer. Technodream understands the importance of trust, so we have to establish a relationship for better collaboration. So if you have made up your mind and want to try outsourcing in the Philippines, choose us, Technodream, as your outsourcing partner for life! To reach us, call 702-983-8828 or email us at