TECHNODREAM: A Rising Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

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Are you a business owner who is struggling to make a mark in the digital arena? Do you need help in ensuring your business has efficient customer care? Then there’s just one answer for you, offshore outsourcing in the Philippines!

In an era where almost everything is digital, small business owners often find it difficult to establish a name and continue managing the customer care needs of their clients at the same time. The internet has surely revolutionized the marketing and promotional strategies of businesses. In order to keep up with this, many businesses already have their own website and then hire offshore staffing for customer care.

Outsourcing in the Philippines

It is known around the globe that Filipinos are one of the most fluent speakers of the English language. This is the primary reason why many US-based businesses opt to outsource Filipinos to handle their customer service needs. But over the past decades, Filipinos have proven that there’s more to their skill set than just phone call customer servicing.

There are outsourcing firms in the Philippines that are able to offer a wide array of business solutions depending on the needs of their clientele. From the common voiced customer service, to chat and email support. Now even software development and SEO services.

While there are many top BPO companies to choose from, TechnoDream LLC is proud to say that we are one of the few business process outsourcing companies that offer multi-disciplinary outsourcing with a down-to-earth approach.


TECHNODREAM LLC: Who We Are and What We Offer

As an outsourcing company in the Philippines, Technodream LLC may be considered “small”. However, it does not mean that the company’s ability to provide excellent outsourcing services should be taken lightly. We capitalize on our personal and efficient approach to the projects that we work on. 

We are able to cater to the different needs of any global business, from small enterprises to even big and established companies.


We provide customer support services through different mediums such as phone calls, chat, email, and text. This is to ensure the queries and concerns of your customers are addressed promptly ensuring retention and customer experience.


Unlike other call center companies, our specialists ensure they understand the product and the needs of target customers for engagement. This means that all calls are made with the purpose of bringing potential customers into your business.


Running a business does not only mean taking care of your customers, it also entails the responsibility of handling the company from within. This is where our highly trained virtual assistants come into the spotlight. Whether it’s managing your calendar, doing your admin tasks, or making sure that internal communications are running smoothly, we make sure we’re able to provide all the needed BPO services to you. 

While it’s true that we are a small company offering offshore outsourcing in the Philippines at Technodream LLC, we always make sure that we take care of all our clients’ needs. With our personal and professional approach to doing business, we are able to make sure that we do not just remain business partners, instead, we become friends in the long run.

To learn more about us, you may contact us today by sending an email to You may also discuss your need over the phone by calling (702)-983-8828/(702)-359-3320.