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In-House vs Outsourced Customer Service: Pros and Cons

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It is normal for you to think that taking risks might jeopardize everything if you just started your business. However, if you fear delving into the unknown or refuse to explore new horizons, you are decreasing your chances of prosperity and success. If you are wondering what makes businessmen successful nowadays, remember what Mark Zuckerberg said, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” 

If you have heard of outsourcing customer support services and it still boggles and confuses you whether to try it or not, then here are things you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of both in-house and outsourced customer service:

Pros of In-house Customer Service

  • Full Control of Operations, Communication, and Information
    Understandably, if your workforce is within your vicinity, you are in full control of the operations. You have a better flow of communications and quicker access to business updates. You can interact easier, directly instruct your workforce, and brighten them up by acknowledging them for doing a great job. With in-house customer service, you need not worry about security breaches. You have full control over sensitive or confidential information about your company.

  • Deeper Knowledge
    Your in-house customer and technical support workforce have in-depth knowledge specifically about your products and services. They are equipped with knowledge about your brand.


Cons of In-house Customer Service

  • Availability and Costly Workforce and Facilities
    If your business is starting to take off and you want to provide round-the-clock customer service, there will be a lot of adjustments and additions to make, especially about adding more workers. In that way, you will need to spend lots of money on interviews, training sessions, resources, and other facilities. Also, your workforce requires regular sessions of training, which requires another considerable amount of money.


Pros of Outsourced Customer Service

  • Accessibility and Time-efficiency
    You can determine how much of your outsourced workforce is needed in your project. You can seamlessly increase or reduce them. You also don’t need to worry about the training sessions and interviews. Instead, you can focus on other productive or critical tasks in your business! And most of all, outsourcing takes a huge amount of workload from your in-house customer service staff.

  • Cost-effective
    Unlike in-house, outsourced customer service is way cheaper. You need not worry about the costs of facilities, training sessions, resources, and interviews. Outsourcing is an effective way for companies to cut or minimize their overall costs.

  • Flexibility
    An outsourced workforce also includes flexible and experienced individuals. If you are outsourcing in the Philippines, you will surely have a majority of efficient, high-quality, and flexible English speakers and workers.


Cons of Outsourced Customer Service

  • Difficulties in Communication and Risks in the Security of Information
    Since outsourced staff is located outside the US, there may be some inconvenience in the communication process. There may also be language and cultural differences. Additionally, if you are opting for outsourcing, you need to share confidential or sensitive information about your company. That is why you have to be careful when choosing an outsourcing company to avoid security breaches. 

  • Partial Control
    If you are new to the outsourcing concept, you may feel uncomfortable with the setup at first. The lack of control over the work operations might cause some trust issues with your outsourcing partner.


Are you planning to take a huge leap toward the success of your business? If you have finally come to a resolution to try outsourcing, partner with Technodream. We have been supporting US companies and providing excellent technical and customer support services since 2008. Reach us at 702-983-8828. Or send us an email at