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6 Common Jobs that Businesses Outsource

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To reduce costs, time, and effort associated with recruiting and training new employees, small to large businesses frequently outsource work to other countries. One of the best countries for outsourcing in Southeast Asia is the Philippines due to their amazing English-speaking skills and neutral accent. Outsourcing in a country where there are a lot of people with exceptional skills is surely worth the investment. 

Nevertheless, what kinds of services can companies outsource? This is what we’ll talk about in today’s blog. 

6 Most Common Outsourced Jobs

If you are working as a call center agent for a BPO company, you probably already have an idea of which jobs would be on the list. Let’s check them out!

  • Customer Service Representative
    As you might have guessed, CSR is the most common service that businesses outsource because of the demand. Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are frequently contacted by customers with queries about the goods or services they have purchased, as well as complaints. Unfortunately, the volume of calls they receive becomes too overwhelming to handle, so these businesses resort to outsourcing.

  • IT Support Specialist
    In a world full of technology, IT services will always be in demand in various businesses. These specialists usually provide support for computer network issues, troubleshoot desktop computers, and provide instructions on how to fix technical problems. You can find this service at any offshore outsourcing company.

  • Web Designer or Web Developer
    Web designers and developers are responsible for creating and maintaining a website by using codes and programming methods. Web designers are responsible for the layout and visual elements of the website. As for web developers, they handle how the website functions with programming codes. Therefore, they should always go together, especially when working on your first website.
  • Social Media Manager
    Large companies are usually the ones who need a social media manager. This is because not all small companies need an SMM since they’re hands-on with their social media pages. These professionals handle the posting of content on various platforms, monitor the effectiveness of the engagement, and respond to the visitors’ comments. 

  • Writer
    Not everyone has the skill to become a writer, and it takes a special skill when writing content for various websites. These professionals implement SEO practices in their write-ups to ensure the web crawlers find your business website among the thousands of others on the internet. Aside from outsourcing, you can also find freelance writers.

  • Tax Preparers
    Tax season is just around the corner; have you prepared yours? Tax preparers help their clients file and complete their taxes while giving pieces of advice here and there. Small businesses that do not yet have an accountant should hire tax preparers to help them file and organize accurate tax returns to avoid penalties.

There are many more outsourced jobs that are worth mentioning, but the ones above are the most common ones you can find. If you are looking for the best offshore outsourcing company in the Philippines without breaking the bank, you should definitely give Technodream a call at (702) 983-8828 or (702) 359-3320. Aside from affordability, our services are of the highest quality.